Home Construction Agreement

Site Location:

Building of houses for our customers is made on the customer's choice of land. Thus, either land sold to them by the company or lands already owned by the customers themselves.


We serve customers, by having them make a choice of designs from a catalogue of building designs, we then secure a building permit on behalf of the customer with the building plan of the house. Every customer will be indicating on the registration form how they want their house to be built, based on the specifications we build for them.


The customer will have to pay the transportation fee to see his/her land for assessment, before building will begin.

Building Arrangement:

Having agreed on the total cost of building the specified number of bedroom house, the customer is required to;

a. Pay one half of the full cost of the house before construction begins. The company therefore receives the     second half after completion of the whole building.

b. Pay one third of the full cost of the house, after the first phase he/she then pays the second tranche,     then after the second phase the final amount is paid.

c. Pay the full cost for building the house, after which the house would be built by the company to      completion.

    However, Special payment plans could be made by the client to ensure satisfaction for both parties.

d. Upon full completion of the house, the customer would be handed the keys to the building after he/she     has done an inspection with the company’s representative in order to be sure the right work has been     done.

e. He/She then completes a form stating his satisfaction to the completed building together with the     interior according to his specifications given prior to the building contract.

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